MCM Acoustical’s Grille Panel with Batten provides the warmth of natural wood to in a panel that easily installed into standard T-bar

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Product Description

The Grille Panels are made of natural wood veneer that is laminated to 5/8” FR MDF blades that are then screwed to aluminum battens.

The standard panel is a 1’ (305mm) module with blade width and spacing open to customization.

1/8” (3mm) high-density fiberboard can be incorporated into the panel for improved acoustical performance.


The panel is mounted by screwing the aluminum battens into heavy duty T-bar grid.


Common veneers include:

  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Oak

Other veneers are available upon request. Planks can also be painted.

The aluminum batten is painted black but custom colours are available.


MCM Acoustical Grille Panel with Batten Data Sheet
MCM Acoustical Grille Panel with Batten Specifications
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