MCM Acoustical Baffles are vertically hung panels available in custom sizes and spacing.

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Product Description

Baffles are vertically hung panels available in custom sizes and spacing.  Natural wood veneer is laminated to FR MDF. Only then is the face microperforated with 0.5mm (1/50”) perforations.  This minimizes the risk of delamination or hole clogging common to panels that are laminated after perforation.  The hollow core of the baffle is filled with NAUF High Density Fiberglass (HDF) for acoustical absorption.  Baffles come standard with factory-mounted tie-down rings for easy suspension with hanger wire.  They can also be mounted directly to a strut channel.

Baffle Options

Baffles are available in any desired veneer.  They can be finished with a clear coat or stained to match any desired wood tone or painted.  The long edge of the baffles comes standard with a matching edgebanding while the short edge is edgebanded if baffles are hung with spacing between them.

The standard width of a baffle is 50mm (2”) but custom sizes are common.  Baffles under 40mm (1.5”) wide will have reduced acoustical performance.

Baffles may be as small as 75mm (3mm) high or as large as 1.5m (5’).

The maximum length of a single baffle is 3m (10’). Individual baffles can be joined to create baffles longer than 3m.


MCM Acoustical Microperforated Baffle Data Sheet
MCM Acoustical Microperforated Baffle Specifications