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Product Description

MCM Acoustical 8mm Perforated Panels have a natural wood surface with 8mm (5/16”) perforations.

The standard spacing for these perforations is 16mm (5/8”). The core of the product is 5/8” Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF).

Panels can be installed on the wall or ceiling with z-clips, torsion springs, or a variety of other mounting methods. Panels can be FSC certified.


8mm Perforated wall or ceiling panels can be manufactured to the desired size, requiring no field cutting, for faster installation. They can be finished with standard clear lacquer or can be custom stained to match a control sample. Panels are available in any desired veneer.

MCM Acoustical lays up its own veneer so slip matched, book batched, flat cut, quarter cut or other common veneer lay-up choices are possible.

Acoustic Performance

In addition to the 8mm perforated face of the panel, the MDF core is perforated to improve sound absorption. A black mat is laminated to the rear of the product to create an acoustic performance of up to 0.90 NRC.


MCM Acoustical Perforated 8 Panel Data Sheet