MCM Acoustical solid panels and planks have a natural wood surface without groves or perforations.

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Product Description

The core of the product is 5/8” Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Panels can be installed on the wall or ceiling with z-clips, torsion springs, or a variety of other mounting methods.


Solid panels can be manufactured to the desired size, requiring no field cutting, for faster installation. Solid planks have a standard width of 192mm (7’ 9/16”) and standard lengths of 8’ or 10’. Custom plank widths are also available. Panels and planks can be finished with clear lacquer or can be custom stained to match a control sample. They are available in any desired veneer. MCM Acoustical lays up its own veneer so slip matched, book batched, flat cut, quarter cut or other common veneer lay-up choices are possible.


MCM Acoustical Solid Panel and Plank Data Sheet
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